Bugs on a Leaf
Bugs on a Leaf
Bugs on a Leaf
Bugs on a Leaf
Bugs on a Leaf

Bugs on a Leaf

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This incredible puzzle has been uniquely designed, hand made, and was created with love and a purpose to educate through learning and stimulate young minds, using the finest natural materials. Jam-packed with activities to engage your little love with a combination of fine motor skills, precision, patience, left hemisphere visual-motor coordination as well as logical thinking.

The child's task is to put the insect discs in the right place on the leaf. Younger children can reproduce insects with their hands, while older ones can do so with pliers. This unbelievably versatile game will prompt fine motor skills, number recognition, letter recognition, positional value, number sentence and hand-eye coordination.

The kit includes:
* oak leaf base with dimensionsĀ 
* six wooden discs with insects 5.5cm x 2cm thick
* wooden scissor tongs
* 12 work cards

(Insects on discs may vary slightly in intensity. The discs may have knots and slight cracks - this is not plywood but real wood!)

Hand made with love, these puzzles are designed to show your child the world of nature through play. Our goal is to familiarise children with the phenomenon of biology and nature - reproducing their elements in the best possible way so that the child has a real picture of the world around them.

These pieces create an individuality that only comes with a passion and love for what is being created.

This product is hand made from natural wood, each piece will have its own wood variances, grain, knots, and characteristics. Any variation that may exist in either colour or grain is normal and will contribute to the beauty of your product. Variations amongst computer monitors and smartphones may also contribute to slight colour differences. Refunds and returns will not be provided on the basis of the look of your product. Etching depth and darkness will vary and this is not considered a fault.