About Us

We are here to share our love of stylish, unique products that offer hands-on, play-based learning for tiny little hands. These ethically sourced, handmade (some by us right here in Australia), handpicked pieces that will provide your little one with endless learning opportunities and creations.

Gratitude and Mindfulness is a beautiful way to reconnect with your little loves on an emotional level, nurture them, and make them feel loved daily “fill their hearts”.
Meeting your children’s emotional needs is as equally as important as their physical needs. Our tiny humans have big emotions and an incredible amount of love for us caregivers, so let’s reconnect with them and do what they love to do. One on one time is essential, tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you and get down to their level.
Find some calmness in our chaotic world.

Building strong and resilient children is a wonderful way to give them a great start in life. Share love and kindness, being together is a wonderful place to be.
Alongside these pieces, we have created sensory box variations that will offer your little ones with an invitation to play and learn using key developmental skills. Encouraging your children to be expressive and receptive, gaining confidence in quality interactions. Children learn so much about our world through exploration and sensory play which is crucial for healthy brain development.

Uniquely designed and authentic products that have been handmade and created right here at The Sage Store or sourced by extremely talented individuals and small businesses from around the world. Using quality materials sourced from Australian suppliers with a strong focus on supporting small businesses. These pieces create an individuality that only comes with a passion and love for what is being created.

Fill the hearts of your little loves, watch them play, persevere, and learn by doing things they love to do……… PLAY!! Nothing makes my heart sing more than watching my children use their imagination.

We hope that you find some fantastic educational pieces for your home or special gifts for your loved ones.

Thanks again for supporting our family business.