Why Invest in Wooden Toys

This is a good question, isn’t it?  Well, here are 10 reasons why we at The Sage Store believe wooden toys are the bomb! This isn’t to say your children’s toy box should only contain wooden toys but that they should be an integral part of your children’s playthings, especially in the early years.

  1. As we all know, kids are tough on toys!  Wood will survive the rough treatment that some plastics just aren’t capable of.
  2. They never run out of batteries!  
  3. Wood is durable and will last.  In fact, wooden toys are often in good enough condition to pass on through generations. 
  4. They never go out of fashion.  Wooden toys have been around for decades, even longer.  All our parents and grandparents played with wooden toys.
  5. Wooden toys make little minds use their imagination.  Studies have shown that imaginative play is crucial for a child’s cognitive ability.  Some of the more basic wooden toys such as blocks or shapes encourage kids to be creative and use their imagination to make something out of them and are more likely to encourage open-ended play. 
  6. When kids play with wooden toys they create their own sound effects relevant to the game they are playing.   This gets their creative juices flowing rather than the toy doing all the work with computer generated sounds, limiting their imagination. 
  7. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and made with sustainable wood.  Studies show that on average, over 40% of plastic toys end up in the landfill within 3 months of Christmas.  Pretty scary thought, huh?
  8. Cost effective - while the upfront cost might be more than plastic toys, the lifespan of the toy is significantly larger than plastic alternatives. 
  9. They have a timeless look and feel. Wood offers the experience of different weights and textures which plastic toys lack. The experience of touching and feeling the volume and weight of a wooden toy develops complex neurological connections in the brain.
  10. With the world becoming more and more plasticised, our homes are becoming devoid of natural products.  Non-organic toys are known to contain toxic substances such as BPA, lead paint, etc. Wood is organic, non-toxic and  naturally anti-bacterial.

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